35 Things That Make Me Happy

In order to share a little bit more about myself with you, I have decided to make a new page that lists things that make me happy.   I could write a bio about my job, my husband, my cat, and my personal history…. but really is that what you want to hear?   I think this will be both more informative and much more fun!   I plan on adding to this page when I think of new things.

So we begin, in no particular order:

1) Sunshine.   I am way too emotionally attached to the weather to be living in Nova Scotia. Alas, see #43.

2) My husband.   The inner child is strong in that one, but a great balance is struck between the child and the loving, smart, dependable man that occupies his body the rest of the time.   Okay I’ll stop there on this topic….

3) Giving people gifts that they actually like.   Especially if I made it myself.

4) My cat.   Squishy.   Yes, that is his name, and he is awesome.   Most of the time.

5) Friends.   Friends are awesome, especially if they also like games.  🙂

6) Games.   Board games, athletic games, you name it, I like it.

7) Flowers.   That may sound cheesy but I’m serious.  They are so happy and colorful, and I can’t grow them.  I would love to be able to not kill plants, but alas I will admire flowers from afar.

8) My job.  I am an intern architect, and while the licensing system to become a full architect is often a it of a quagmire, I love having an influence on the built environment.  I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.  (thank you 13 year old me for making that coldly calculated decision to become an architect, you nailed it!)

9) Making things.   Especially for other people.  This may be closely related to both #3 and #8, but I think it is something separate.   I like producing things with my hands.

10) Weekends!   I adore my job, but every weekend holds the promise of so much opportunity to explore and do new things.   (Also, it holds time to do laundry, which I don’t love, but clean clothes do make me happier than dirty clothes)

11) New shoes.   I really really like shoes…. un/fortunately I have big feet so it is hard to find shoes that fit.  This means that when I do find a pair that fit, I have a really hard time leaving them at the store.

12) Food.  Good food…  this is a problem for me, and I’m working on it, but good food has the power to change my whole day around.

13) Good wine.   Wine is most enjoyable….

14) Traveling.   I love exploring new places and pushing out of my cultural comfort zone.  I only wish I had more vacation time each year.

15) Vacations!

16) Looking at my wedding pictures.   (Super cheese, I know)  We had a great day with a lot of fun games and a fabulous photographer who captured it ALL.   Those pictures always make me smile.

17) Art.

18) The ocean.  The vistas promise new places and thoughts to explore, while the waves provide opportunities for both fun and relaxation.

19) Home renovations. Who doesn’t love a new, pristine bathroom (or kitchen)? I also happen to love the process to getting there.

20) A new skein of beautiful yarn. They all cary an inherit promise of beautiful projects and fun.

21) Making new friends. I’m a little shy inside, but I love the feeling when I get out and meet someone new that seems to really click.

22) Reconnecting with old friends.

23) Mail. Any kind.

24) Dizzy!  We got another cat!   He’s a young blue British short hair from the SPCA and seems to have the ability to disappear into any shadow…

25) Our new (to us) historic townhouse!  We moved into a wonderful townhouse that is going to need a fair amount of TLC but I am so excited about doing that!  (see number 19)

26) Having my sister spend Christmas with us in our new home.  We have a guest room now, so this is a lot easier than it would have been before.

27) Christmas.

28) Yoga.

29) My piano.   Yes I play.   Not often or well anymore.  Something tells me that those issues may be linked… But I bought it when i was 7 from my paper route savings (what your parents didn’t encourage skirting child labour laws too?) and it reminds me that life is full of possibilities and I am pretty good at achieving my goals.

30) Coffee.  The nectar of life.

31) Walking to work.  Bonus points if there are some clouds to aid a stellar sunrise over the water.

32) Dinner parties.   Bonus if we are hosting.

33) A clean house.  Bonus if I didn’t have to work to get it to that state.

34) Lilacs.  Their fragrance is just heaven to me.

43) Halifax.   This city is the perfect size for me, there is always something to do and yet I am guaranteed to run into someone I know.  (Yes this was an arbitrary numbering choice made during the writing of #1, why must we always think so linearly?)

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