This evening’s fun

While my husband was out tonight I had a lovely evening in.   Watching past episodes of David Suzuki’s The Nature of Things on CBC online brought out my curious side, while crocheting satisfied my need to create things.

My recent project have all been gifts, such as the blankets below.  I finished them last weekend for friends that are expecting.  I am completely smitten by the adorable nature of the two stuffed cat toys that I made to go with the blanket.  In fact I have already made another, larger, one and have at least one more planned for our contribution to the Christmas toy drive sponsored by my husband’s office.

This week, after the baby presents were done, I started in on a little something for my husband.  I am fortunate to have found a partner who completely embraces his inner child, so I don’t feel so bad about making ridiculous things for him in what otherwise would be just for my own amusement.   Thus the viking hats.  I found this amazingly cute pattern online on Monday night, and by Tuesday I had gone out to buy the necessary yarn.   I made one adult sized, and then one baby sized for our new “nephew”.*  

My husband wore his all night after I finished it on Wednesday.   He even got out his long sword from his medieval king halloween costume and wore that through his belt all night with it.   Obviously I married exactly the right person to help me in my pursuit of childlike glee!

So tonight I settled in to make a couple more.  I had some left over yarn, and well they are really cute.   I don’t have any other specific children to give them to though, so they will be part of our contribution to the Christmas Toy Drive.   I think that combining the fun of a toy with practical winter clothing, well that’s better than only getting one or the other for Christmas.  I will be making more stuffed animals too, but these hats have just caught my fancy this week!

The last key to this evening’s fun was my glass of wine.   It would have been a good night without it, but this made it better.  My favorite wine at the moment is called Nova 7, a creation from our home province of Nova Scotia.  It is a little pricier than our typical bottle though so I tend to either save a bottle for a special occasion, or indulge with one glass at a time and really draw it out.   So tonight was a one glass night as part of my me-time.

The picture is a little blurry there, but it has a beautiful very light pink colour from the skins of the grapes.   It is a very light, sweet white, perfect for a desert drink on my quiet evening alone.   It has been a good evening.  I feel both a little self-indulgent and that I accomplished something of value.   Not bad.   I think Misha would be proud.

*  the “nephew” not a blood relative, as I’m sure all our siblings will be relieved to hear.  Instead, our only nephew right now is the new son of my undergraduate roommate.   It doesn’t matter though, he’s cute, we like kids, we love her, thus: we are adopting him and will act the part of spoiling aunt and uncle from henceforth.   (note to parents of said child…. you have been warned, you showed us the child and now there will be no getting rid of us. 😀  )


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