“Stuff” and ‘Things”

It appears that I have been delinquent already in posting on a regular schedule.   Days have been flying past me this week.   I finally got some major projects tucked away at work, and now I have the time to clean up the little things.

The same thing has applied to my home life as well.  As a result there have been a lot of errands and my apartment is starting to feel a quite full from all the “stuff” and “things” that have landed there lately.   From the yarn on my coffee table, to the new Christmas ornaments and tree sitting on the floor waiting to be set up, I know it must be driving my husband a little bonkers (as unlike I, who was raised with a natural inclination to think that piles are equal to tidy, he likes clear surfaces).  I am even getting a little antsy with all the stuff lying around.

So in the spirit of finding Misha, I am declaring it no-purchase anything day.  I am going to not buy anything all day.  This is going to take some will power, and it won’t be pretty trying to get through the afternoon without another coffee from the little shop downstairs.  However, I can be really stubborn when I want to be…. or at least I could.  I see to have mellowed significantly as time has gone past.   So my goal for today is to rediscover my old stubborn habits, and focus them towards something of benefit.  Wish me luck.

***update: well “I” didn’t buy anything… When my wonderful husband got home from work he decided to take me out for dinner. A dinner which has inspired the next things that make me happy post. That doesn’t count as me having bought anything… right?


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