Posted in December 2011

A Winter Wonderland

This is a picture of the view of my in-law’s backyard.   Seriously, how winter perfect is that?    We have been in this winter wonderland of central British Columbia for the past 8 days, and it is doing amazing things for my search for Misha.  When I see thick layers of fresh snow it always … Continue reading

Christmas Cookies

I love good food.   Possibly too much.   Thankfully I also love to make and share food with good friends and family (a far better tactic for my waistline).  In fact when my husband and I met we fed each other into an extra 40 pounds in the first year…  That is another story, … Continue reading

Christmas Prep

We have had our Christmas tree up for a few weeks now, and there isn’t much more to do here as we are leaving town for the holidays.   In the past we have not done much before leaving town for one or the other of our families places, but this is our first year … Continue reading

Things that make me happy – Dec 11, 2011

1) Free yoga classes at lululemon on Sunday mornings with my girlfriends 2) Coffee and good chats afterwards 3) Christmas shopping with my husband 4) Long drives speculating on future cottage properties and the possibilities that the future holds

Fun with Friends!

Martini Monday is one of my favorite types of days.    Occasionally a couple of my good friends and I will meet up after work on a random Monday (or Thursday) for a cheep martini evening.   This really helps to break up my week and is something I look forward to all day.   … Continue reading