Quiet Joy

Today has been a solid day.   It was not exactly a typical day, but it felt easy once I got over the sleep deprivition from last night.  

My husband woke me up in the wee hours with a fairly serious fever and the subsequent nursing meant that I started the day with an air of zombie around me.  This is not good in my books, as zombies give me nightmares.  Also my husband once had a dream where I was a zombie and he let me bite him because it was obvious that was what I really wanted….    I personally think this is everybody looses scenario so I generally try to avoid all zombie interactions on principle now.  Damn!  Now I am thinking about zombies and it is getting late… oh well the damage is done.  Nightmares here I come.   

Anyway, I was tired.   So I got coffee.  Lots of coffee.   And then I  somehow made it work on time.   The caffeine started to work and the day just kind of flew past once I got into an interesting assignment.   Before I knew it, I had my takeout (as the husband was in no mood to either cook or eat regular food with me) and was on my way home.   So the day ended with takeout next to my man on the couch watching tv.   It was a typical day with a couple wrenches that didn’t really create many ripples.   

So while I usually associate happiness with being far more bubbly / bouncy in emotion than this, I am content today.   This has been a solid day and I am content as it draws to a close.    Finding my quiet joy in the everyday activities that have become our lives, that is my happiness for today.   


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