Christmas Prep

We have had our Christmas tree up for a few weeks now, and there isn’t much more to do here as we are leaving town for the holidays.   In the past we have not done much before leaving town for one or the other of our families places, but this is our first year being married and we have decided to start forming our own traditions.

The first one is the cookies.   I love to bake, but generally try to avoid baking sweets as well, let’s be honest, no one really needs those.   However, a few years ago I was introduced to pizelle by my wonderful in-laws (that’s not their recipe, but it is a good one).  Then my grandmother found out about them and the next thing I knew, I had my very own pizelle iron.  So I have decided to make them here as the one type of christmas cookie in our home before we land with family.   They don’t take long and it is nice to have a little sweet something around the house.

The second thing is music.    Oh it’s lovely.   Christmas music has been playing at home since the tree went up.  Meaghan Smith, Micheal Buble, Louis Armstrong, classic orchestras, ect. I love it.

The third thing is the shopping.   We have been much too last minute in recent years.   Not this year!  We are almost done actually.  (the procrastination has been saved for christmas cards apparently…. please don’t ask when those might make it out!)

The fourth is movies.  Holiday movies are wonderful, and my husband hasn’t seen that many of them.   So we started with “Love Actually”, and are moving on through others (Elf, Fred Klaus, It’s a Wonderful World, ect. ).   Any other suggestions are more than welcome!

Tonight I am writing this sipping on a glass of Domaine de Grand Pre Pomme D’or apple wine, listening to Meaghan Smith’s Christmas Album (fabulous!), while I wait for our roast pork loin dinner to be ready and decide what movie is the choice of the night.    It is a great way to end a day!


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