I am exhausted.   The kind of exhaustion that usually leaves me completely unsure of what to do with myself.   Getting to work at 8am after arriving home at midnight and getting to bed at 2:30 from a complete day of traveling is getting pretty hard to handle these days.   I may need to start scheduling an extra day of vacation after I get back to the home time zone…

Tonight though I got a reprieve from endlessly picking up one thing only to put it down for another when I couldn’t follow through on doing anything, with a great suggestion by my lovely husband: take a bath.  Now I haven’t had a bath in probably a year… I just apparently haven’t thought I had the time.   However, last night I bought a couple bath bombs from LUSH in the Toronto airport as a treat for “someday”.   This apparently was the perfect someday.

So now after a hot bath with a honey bomb and a mud mask, my teeth are brushed (and I even flossed), I feel like I am finally ready for bed.  As it turns out parents have had the right idea for years, and getting ready for bed like a 5 year old is just as soothing as a 26 year old.


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