An unexpectedly good day.

Today could have been a bad day.  I have scoliosis and, while I am one of the lucky ones where it does not bother me most of the time, I have days like today where the idea of simply sitting up is like a far off mirage.   When the muscles around my spine get tired of dealing with this, they freak out, and I usually end up flat on my back in bed for the day or until I can find a way to get in touch with my excellent chiropractor and massage therapist team who will work out the kinks and get me moving again.

Anyway, today I made it to the couch after waking up bent in half.   This was a step up from the typical “bad back day” already!   Success!   Then I found my yarn and started working.  I was actually being productive, amazing!   Then I turned on my podcast library, and settled in.   So now I was even learning.   10 hours later, I finished my projects of the day and had stuffed some great new trivia tidbits into my brain thanks to the always entertaining “Stuff You Missed in History Class” podcasts.   (I really recommend clicking on that link and uncovering all their wonderful episodes.  I mean, entertaining education, what could be better?)   So what had all the tell tale signs of being a wasted day turned into a great day through the power of podcasts and yarn.    This combination is pure gold: auditory entertainment and manual manipulation that results in awesome crocheted goodness!

Now, you might be wondering what that crocheted goodness that I was working on today actually was.   Well…. it was more Minions!

They now come in different sizes!

Isn't he cute!

The one I made at Christmas was actually intended to be for my husband but he decided that his father needed it more, especially as we were about to start a two week holiday.  However, now that we are back at work my husband really needs an extra set of hands – or three – so I made him two to take with him tomorrow.   They make him smile and that makes all the finicky detailed of these creatures worth it.

So tonight I am just glad that small projects that can be completed in a day seem to have given me the ability to turn what should have been a terrible day because of my “issue” into one that I really did enjoy and was still able to be productive.   Spreading my childish glee in ridiculous animated minions is just icing on the cake.


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