This week’s danger of being too grown up: hair dryers.

When I was younger I never used a hair dryer.  The idea of wasting precious time standing under a blast of uncomfortably hot air while it damaged my hair (I could do that well enough on my own thank you very much) was just too unappealing to even contemplate.  I remember my mother constantly bemoaning my wet hair when I ran out into public, and telling me I was going to get sick.   Neither the threat of an immediate public shunning or a slow and painful death did more than give me a smile as I took off, late as usual.

Well as time went on, I was still often late, and frankly I figured that people should appreciate the cleanliness of the wet hair.  I mean, I could have been on time if I hadn’t showered after rugby practice, but I figured that was a worse crime than being a bit late, with wet hair.

Then one day I was suddenly a “grown up” and a “professional” and apparently I now had to look the part.    My boss made a joke about it raining from a clear blue sky one day and I took the hint and started drying my hair every morning (or at the very least, putting it up so it wasn’t noticeably wet.  I’m not perfect yet and I still can be late from time to time).

However, this habit stops today.

That’s right.  I will no longer be using my hair dryer whenever I can avoid it.  I have finally proved to myself that I was right all along, not only do hair dryers waste time and damage your hair, but I have just discovered the well hidden true evil that is hidden in their sleek designed plastic shells.   Hair dryers are out for our blood.

You might be wondering how it is that I have discovered this fascinating subversive leaning of an appliance that many women may not believe that they can function without.   Well let me tell you a little story.

This morning I was using my standard grey unit for a quick once over… when all of a sudden my neck tinged and I dropped my favourite hair brush (thankfully just missing the toilet!).   I thought “that was strange” and gave my head a quick shake… only to have shooting pains travel up my temple and into my forehead.   A quick assessment showed that I couldn’t move my head any direction without a similar effect.   Brutal.

I made an emergency appointment with my chiropractor and made it through 2 hours of painful work until I could get the situation looked at.   The conclusion: 2 sprained joints in the mid-high region of my neck.  Lovely.  I hate you hair dryer.   The real kicker of this though: I was the second person into my chiropractor’s office today with a hair dryer injury!  Yes my friends, this is not just some figment of my imagination, the hairdryers are attempting to rise up and attack us.

Save yourselves.  Wet hair is really not that bad.   And if it is just not something you can live with well then just shower at night.  Your hair will be dry by morning and you won’t have run the risk of crippling attack by appliance.  I, for one, will now be avoiding my hot air gun at all costs; I always knew it was evil.


One thought on “This week’s danger of being too grown up: hair dryers.

  1. I totally agree, its funny because I literally just wrote a hair care routine and mentioned this exact thing. I let my hair air dry whenever I can and its made my hair so much more healthy, your right though, it did take a while to get used to but girls need to realize its fine not to use a blow dryer!

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