Things that make me happy – January 31, 2012

1) Today I learned many things at work.  I also made my boss gape in disbelief that I didn’t know one thing, but at least now I can assure you I will never make that mistake again.

2) Coming home to yarn, and a project.  Actually four projects and a learning swatch.   That’s right, I currently have three crocheted works-in-progress and a knitted swatch on the needles.  I have a viking hat for a friend to finish up, a baby blanket my Mother-in-law requested as a gift, a top secret blanket, and one that I have been just casually working away on for my husband.  Then there is the knitting.   I am not a knitter.   Yet.   Misha is coming out to play here though in her stubborn refusal to admit that there is something that she can not do.  After YEARS of failing at knitting, I WILL conquer it this year.

My Grandmother-in-law has apparently offered to give me lessons, I don’t think she knows what she has gotten herself into with this one.  Unfortunately my own Grandmother is no longer around to warn her either.   My Grandmother tried valiantly for years to teach me this skill…. and only got as far as the garter stitch.   For some reason the purl stitch has always escaped me.   And gauge.   I have not ever been able to maintain gauge in knitting.  ugh.

However, I will win and beat you, you tiny pointed sticks!  At your own game too!   I always win when I put my mind to it.  Although in this case I think it helps that I am up against inanimate objects that can be thrown out the window if the need arrises.   🙂


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