Posted in February 2012

Purrs for the Plague

I have been a little MIA recently for which (in fabulous child-like fashion)I have a great round of excuses. 1) My husband came home with the plague on Valentine’s day.   Okay it wasn’t really the plague.  It was probably some terrible form of stomach flu.  But he was really sick for a day and required … Continue reading

Things that make me happy – Feb 13, 2012

1) Adele. Seriously, how amazing is her voice? I have listened to her album on repeat for months, and certain songs still hit me with emotion. Also, she’s adorable. She definitely deserved all those grammies. 2) An evening to crochet and listen to music. Good progress was made on the blanket today!

Weekend hobbies

I love weekends.   No, I really love weekends.   It’s not that I don’t like my job (I do, and frankly I can’t imagine doing anything else for 35-40 hours a week in exchange for a paycheck).   I just really like my hobbies too. As one friend has recently pointed out: every time I talk to … Continue reading

Baby Blanket

This post is a little behind schedule.  I had intended to write this one up on the weekend, and well I did.  Then something happened when I went to publish it and everything disappeared.   Of course.  So I stalled a few days in a fit of “well if the computer doesn’t want to post my … Continue reading