Baby Blanket

This post is a little behind schedule.  I had intended to write this one up on the weekend, and well I did.  Then something happened when I went to publish it and everything disappeared.   Of course.  So I stalled a few days in a fit of “well if the computer doesn’t want to post my writing, then I just won’t post anything.  That’ll show it!”   This obviously is a great tactic when dealing with inanimate objects.

Anyway, what I have really wanted to put up was a picture of my first completed baby blanket of 2012.

I somehow managed to get this one done in 12 days, down from the 21 that the previous one of the exact same design took me.  That also included the time for the accompanying cat toy.

What can I say?  I’m a rock star right now with my hooks and string. 🙂  I am even beating the my previous efforts in avoiding procrastination, my ultimate and everlasting foe.  (Well if you don’t count the things I am procrastinating from doing while I am crocheting… but I’m not so neither should you!)  I got these items in the mail to my mother-in-law yesterday, only one day after I had intended!  So they will be all ready for the intended recipient when he or she is born in March.

Now though I am very excited to be getting back to work on the blanket I am making for my sister-in-law’s wedding present.  It is a more technical blanket and frankly that is a blessing after cranking out 4 of these simple baby blankets where while the stitch pattern turns out beautiful, but it gets really boring.   Also, a blanket for grown ups gives me the option to use a soft, pure wool that feels much better to work with than the acrylic I used on the baby presents, where ease of washing is much more of a concern.


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