Weekend hobbies

I love weekends.   No, I really love weekends.   It’s not that I don’t like my job (I do, and frankly I can’t imagine doing anything else for 35-40 hours a week in exchange for a paycheck).   I just really like my hobbies too.

As one friend has recently pointed out: every time I talk to her I have a new hobby.  In my defense, I’m not quite that fickle in my interests.   I just only have so much time when we hang out to discuss my hobbies so that I really only get through one a sitting.  (Apparently I can talk at length about some of them)

So while my friend may be astonished to hear that I actually do a lot of these things on a regular basis, my weekend thus far has been most satisfactory to me in that i have been able to take part in many of my favorite activities.  The list goes as follows:

  • I crocheted a pair of baby booties and a matching hat, along with doing some good work on my on going blanket project.
  • I had an amazing hot yoga practice yesterday morning that made my entire day feel great.
  • I listened to a bunch of podcasts that I had in my queue.  These covered diverse topics such as: Roman history, British history, knitting, ancient Greek muses, improv comedy and replacing a rotted mudsill.  🙂
  • I read a chapter in a book I have been saving for years on Canadian Architecture
  • I started planning out what renovations I want to make to our condo in the next year.   I also started looking at the possibility of moving within the next year and a half…
  • I blogged.  No not here, until now at least.  I started a new daily blog. Halifax Mornings  You might be thinking: “A second blog, Really?  Is that necessary?”.  Well I think so.   Every morning I think to myself that I have the best commute in the world.  It is one block in length, directly along the Halifax harbour.  So every morning I am struck by the beauty of the sky and water as it changes minute by minute.  I have been taking pictures of these different conditions for a while and I think I need an appropriate, dedicated place to display them for those who are not as lucky as I to get to experience it first hand.  Finding Misha just wasn’t the right place for them, although I may post one from time to time here as well, so Halifax Mornings was born.

So that there is a run down of my weekend, and the hobbies I have had a chance to enjoy around the cleaning and errands that are necessary.   Frankly I just love “free-time”, after all doing whatever you want is a guaranteed path to finding joy that day, and isn’t that what this is all about?


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