Purrs for the Plague

I have been a little MIA recently for which (in fabulous child-like fashion)I have a great round of excuses.

1) My husband came home with the plague on Valentine’s day.   Okay it wasn’t really the plague.  It was probably some terrible form of stomach flu.  But he was really sick for a day and required my attention.  What a fantastic Valentine’s date we had in the bathroom….

2) My husband gave me the plague.  I held out three days, and was lured into a false sense of security thinking I had somehow avoided the same terrible fate.  WRONG.   There is a fundamental rule in our relationship: if he gets sick, I will get sick and it will be worse.  Also, the reverse is not true, so there is no revenge possible.   Seriously, it felt like I was dying.  So I took a sick day and only interacted with the lovely beast below.   He felt that consistently applied purr therapy was the best solution for the problem.  I’ll take it, even if the vibrations did trigger at least two extra runs to the bathroom….

This picture was taken from right in front of my nose. He likes to get close to purr.

3) My little sister came to visit!  She was only here three days, and fortunately I recovered from the plague JUST in time to hang out like a human being again.  We watched movies, painted our nails, hung out, ate sushi, and generally took a mini-girly vacation. It was fun and short and I wasn’t going to spend it being anti-social and blogging…sorry.  I had fun.

4) Due to the bout of plague last week, I was a little behind at work, so there has been a little catch up to do.  Okay not really.  I just feel like there is.

So there we have it: four fabulous excuses where I’m sure none were needed.  I can provide overkill excuses like no one else.


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