And it is snowing again

Today started with snow flurries.  It warmed up.  The sun came out.   It looked so lovely from my window at work. I wanted to go run away and play outside.  But then evil grown up me rationalized that if I stayed put and worked a bit harder right now, I could go play outside longer when I was done my work.   So I stayed put.  And the sky darkened.  And it got colder.   And it started to snow again.

Now this isn’t the beautiful softball sized flake clusters of this morning, the weather currently coming down is more accurately described as slush. It is only semi-solid and each “flake” feels like a mini water ballon exploding on impact.   I hate slush.   I dislike being cold and wet immensly.  Being either cold or wet I can handle (with some minor whimpers), but both, together, no way.

I am longing for sunny days again, nice mornings for running outside and beautiful afternoons for doing errands.  I am so sad currently that I thought I could finally enjoy an after-work run outside today, and now it is not going to be fun.   So I am pouting.

What I am actually upset about is that I didn’t take my lunch to enjoy the weather.   I wanted to go, and there was nothing really stopping me, but instead I thought I would be “responsible” and just keep working.  This was very much the wrong answer today.  I have learned my lesson, from now on when there are no deadlines looming and the weather is nice, I will head outside at lunch for recess.

A little exersize and fresh air was mandatory three times a day in my elementary school.  Yet again I find wonderful ideas that would enhance my adult life simply by looking back at life as little Misha.   So I will be now taking a recess at lunch everyday I can,   There will be no bell played over a loudspeaker, but that’s okay, I’ll make do.   I have a blackberry that I am sure I could program an alarm that sounds similar to a bell into….

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