Spring is here! An adventure in bike shopping.

Today was beautiful here in Halifax.   Absolutely Beautiful!   The temperature popped over freezing and there was a bright blue sky, followed by a hour and a half of sunsetting / twilight goodness.  Admittedly I spent the majority of the day in our apartment, but I did get outside for an hour and a half and boy was it lovely!

I decided yesterday that I would finally go buy my bike today.    The bike I had previously espoused upon at length here.  I have saved my pennies and I made the plan to make that Trek Allant WSD bike mine.

I checked online and the store was open until 6pm, so I enjoyed a very leisurely morning / early after noon hanging around home with my husband.   He read while I crocheted, listened to podcasts and did the laundry.   Around 3:45 I finished the laundry and hopped in the shower, blow dried my hair and got ready for my walk.   See the bike store I wanted to purchase my bike from is a bit of a hike away, and while it didn’t make sense to have my husband drive me there, just so I could bike home, we didn’t have our car immediately available today anyway.

See my lovely husband drove to work yesterday morning.  Now he doesn’t work too far away, and most mornings he walks.  So after a long day, he forgot that he had the car so he went for a couple of drinks with his colleagues and then walked home.   This completely trashed my plans for a morning yoga class in Dartmouth with a couple of good friends this morning, when I went down to the garage only to wonder if someone had stolen our car!  Thank goodness that wasn’t the case, but I still didn’t make it to yoga.

So back to the original story.  Bike shopping.   Right.

It took me about 35 minutes to get to the store from our home, which got me there right at 5:05.  I looked at my watch and smiled.   I tried the door, and frowned.   It was locked.   The guys in the shop didn’t even look my way.

Then I saw the sign.  Hours: Saturday 9-5.

WTH?   I pulled out my blackberry and sure enough, the website says 9-6!   Gah!   So I spent the next moment trying to tellepath my desire to very quickly purchase a bike (I know exactly what I want after all), but that didn’t do any good.   So in the interest of not being the creepy person staring in the doors at people who are just trying to finish this shift and get home, I left.

I continued on to another bike store a little further away only to realize that they had closed at 4.   I will admit it, I was peeved.  I was really excited to buy a bike today.   The worst part was that I could have gone at any point during the day, but I put it off to be home.   So I had a little bit of a internal pout and started walking home.

Fortunately the weather was so nice that within about 5 minutes I was enjoying myself again.  I love that area of town and soon I was rubbernecking with a future-home shopping list in mind.   I can’t help myself.  I love buildings, and especially in one neighborhood that I had to walk though, there are a lot of good options!  Not that any of those houses are currently for sale, or that we are currently shopping (well I am always shopping, but I’m not planning on buying).

So as the sun set I walked home, just happy to have been out moving around and able to enjoy the day.   I will buy my bike someday soon, but I’m not going to stress out about it.   I know that there will be another beautiful day soon that calls me outside for another walk, and I will buy my bike then.

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