I found something adorable!

I’ve been having fun, and there will be several posts to come about a couple of those things, but right now I have to pause and share something.   It is simply too cute not to.

This past weekend I was visiting some good friends in Fredericton, NB when we stumbled into a great little shop downtown.  The Urban Almanac.   Seriously, great place.  It is a home outfitter’s, with good quality design that also doubles as a tea shop.  Fabulous.

Anyway it was here that I became completely smitten with a new-to-me product line, supposedly for children (the lines of this are blurry for other people, not just me).  3 sprouts.   They make canvas bags with the cutest felt animals sewn onto them.   Like this:


Now I couldn’t leave things of this adorable, childish quality there, and I have the perfect use for them, so I bought two large storage bins (17.5″ diameter, and 17″ tall) and one smaller caddie (15″ x 5″).  I bought these ones:



Now what is the fabulous use I have for them, you ask?   Other than just having them to make me smile (which I seriously considered anyway), I have found a solution that also makes my husband smile.   I have taken the squirrel one and put all my yarn stash into it.  Previously this occupied about 8 large shopping bags that all threatened to “yarnvalache” out of the one closet where they lived.   Now I have a super cute bin of lovely yarn, and no more yarnvalaches!   Everyone wins!  Plus, the door to that closet is frosted glass so I can still see the squirrel when the door is closed.   (This makes me quite happy)

The walrus caddie is going to become a traveling ‘small project’ craft bag.  It is just big enough for one ball of yarn and whatever your would need to work with.  It is even squishable, so I could put it inside another bag if I was carrying a larger one with me anyway.   This also eliminates the problem of zippers getting stuck on yarn…. (I ran into this problem last week after taking my large project out of the house to work on elsewhere, sadly it was only solved by means of scissors).

The fox bin… I have to think about.  It was just too cute to leave behind, so I didn’t.   Now that I am home, I am forced to admit that I don’t have a use right now for it.  But please don’t worry, I’m sure I can come up with something!   (Perhaps a replacement container for the two reusable grocery bags that currently hold our hats and mittens?   That could work…)


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