Things that make me happy – March 29, 2012

1) New yarn!   Yesterday an invisible force field sucked me into the loop while I was out for “recess”.   I didn’t have much of anything in mind… and I almost made it out without purchasing anything… but then I found this amazing hand painted Misti Alpaca lace weight yarn in “Blues in the Night”  on my way out.  The colour drew me in, the feel made it impossible to walk away.

Seriously, how gorgeous is this colourway?

2) I have a very understanding / supportive husband.   Last night I picked him up from a very long day at work and finally worked up the courage to tell him about my newest yarn splurge (after my sister evilly suggested that I may require a yarn intervention I was feeling guilty).   His reaction: “wonderful!  that’s great sweetheart!”  (so sister: you see?  There is  no need for an intervention).

3) A new skill.   Last night I taught myself how to make thrummed mittens.

This is a thrummed mitten. The white is made up of loose wool roving which then fills the mitten, creating a cloud of wool around your hand on the inside of the mitten.

It has been on my list for a while now, but the crocheted versions I had seen never looked as nice as the knitted ones.  So now that I know how to knit a mitten, I am tackling thrums!   (If you click on the image, the link will take you to the pattern I used).


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