Things that make me happy – April 9, 2012

Today I feel like I need to remind myself of some of the good things that are in my life so here’s today’s list:

1) My husband.   He makes me smile when I am feeling down.  Plus, he’s great at giving hugs.   Thanks sweetheart. 🙂

2) My cat is soft.   Squishy may be loud and annoying at times, but he likes to snuggle and I like to touch his fur.

3) I love my job.   That’s a luxury that I know not many people have, and I am thankful for it.

4) The sun just came out.

5) My coffee this morning was delicious.  While I still could happily consume several more and the caffeine would be most welcome today, the one I have had so far was great.

6) Tonight I get to talk to someone about getting a quote for renovating my bathroom.  This is a project I have wanted to do for years, and while I am unhappy that it has to be done right now instead of planned for, I am excited.   It will be fun, and I will love the finished product.

7) I am almost done with my blanket for my sister in law’s wedding gift.  This is a very good thing as the wedding is in less than a month!

8) I am less than a month away from a week of vacation to attend aforementioned sister in law’s wedding in BC.   This is very existing.   I love vacations.


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