I’ve been busy!

It has been a little while since I last took a breath to write a post about all the fun things I have been doing.  I will catch up on most of those items later on, but there is one thing I really want to share today: the Tree of Life blanket.   It has been finished and gifted!  My sister and brother-in-law liked it, so I proclaim this a successful winter project!

The Tree of Life

It even ended up being Queen sized! (That’s a King sized bed underneath it)

All told it took just under 3 months worth of work from start to finish (that is a lot of podcasts and tv….just saying).   I learned a lot along the way, and may just be convinced to make another one for another worthy couple down the road someday.    The trees were quite enjoyable to work on, and I found those rows flew by.

Trees! The symbolism of two lives that start growing together was perfect for a marriage blanket.

The flowers were interesting and they seemed to pass the next quickest.

Aren’t the flowers cute? I like them.

So what does that leave?   The edging.  Oh, reverse single crochet you are so nice as a finished product, but so evil to work with.   For every two rows worked, only the first one made any progress towards the final size of the blanket and then the second one took twice as long to do on top of not gaining any size.  This deflation of my joy every other row was a little hard to handle when working an edging of this size.   😦

Evil reverse single crochet edging

However, I finished the whole thing on time to take it with us to BC last week for the wedding.   As a couple they had requested that no one give them presents, but I am really glad that we completely ignored that request.   I love giving gifts that truly express how much someone means to me to people who appreciate them.

At this point I have to say thank you to one of my husband’s groomsmen for pointing out I was more fluent in craft as an expression of my love before my wedding last summer.  It made me think and I decided that he was completely right.   I may not always be good at expressing myself with words in the appropriate moment so I have decided that my hands will have to speak for me.  At least my skills in yarn crafts are far more developed now than my macaroni picture making skills ever were, although I suspect my mother will attest that the loving spirit of the gift remains the same.

So all in all my sister and brother-in-law definitely deserved three months of my evenings and weekends and I will happily dedicate more time to keeping them wrapped in wooly goodness in the years to come.


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