Go fly a kite


I mean it.   When was the last time you flew a kite?   Was it when you were small?   Why haven’t you done it since?   I know, there are always too many things to do and flying a kite doesn’t seem productive.   In fact, telling someone to go fly a kite has become a bit of a insult, hasn’t it?

I would like to challenge our “grown up” opinions about kite flying.   In the midst of our hectic lives, isn’t everyone searching for a moment of peace and tranquility?   Flying a kite can do that for you, while at the same time opening your mind to questions that you probably have not visited since you were small or in school.   Things like: “what elements of geography in this particular location will result in an area where the wind is always strongest?” and “why are those clouds different from the ones I saw yesterday”.

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I bought a kite, went up to the citadel, and spent close to two hours flying it.  It was random, fun, and thought provoking.   I came home with arms sore from pulling back on the string (the wind is STRONG on top of that hill), fingers slightly singed from poor technique, a small crick in my neck from looking up, and a giant smile on my face.

So in a time when most of us are busy looking down at our smart phones or making sure we don’t make a wrong step, why not take some time to look up?   I promise you won’t regret it.


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