Games, not just for children

Have I mentioned before that I love games?  No?   Really?    That can’t be right.   Here, let me do it now.    I.   LOVE.   GAMES.

I’m glad that’s out in the open now.  Finally.

So you might be wondering: “why do you love games so much?”   Well, let me explain.  Games bring competition, social interaction and fun into my life.  In some form or another , participation in games have made up a very large part of my life thus far.   Sports, board, digital, physical or number….   I’ll give it a go.

As a child I loved educational games, and this hasn’t changed much.   My parents actually bought me a Super Speak & Spell and called it a video game…. and I loved it.  Although I personally believe that they should be refunded in full as my spelling did not really improve despite the fact that I actually wore this device out.

Yes… this was my “video game”. I’m just that cool.

Now a days, I count myself very lucky that my husband also has a love for games.   In fact, he may even like them more than I do, at least the table top multiplayer variety.  He grew up playing scrabble with his Nana and got so good that to this day I have only managed to beat him at it once (my failure at learning anything with the super speak and spell might also have had some influence on the level of my current scrabble skills).  Needless to say I have hidden that score card away and bring it out for bragging rights EVERY TIME we play.   Hey, I have to keep my ego alive somehow right?

Well this past weekend we hosted a few friends for a games night and everything about it was good.   We made and ate gourmet pizza, then sat around the dinning room table playing Catan.  Catan has been one of our favorite games for the several years now.  It is a wonderful mix of cerebral strategy and dumb luck.  So while you have to think, there is still a random element that makes it unpredictable who the winner will be.

The turn based structure of Catan also means that I can knit or crochet while the other players are thinking through their moves.  Now apparently this has the added benefit of convincing my opponents that I am not paying close attention to the board, which couldn’t be further from the truth.   So without meaning to, I have devised a brilliant plan for Catan domination simply by combining one more thing that makes me happy into an already very enjoyable social situation.  I recommend this tactic to any other yarn crafting game enthusiasts out there,

and if you aren’t a yarn crafter….

well…… would you like to play?

I’ll just sit there and knit while you win…. I swear.


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