Special Edition Things That Make Me Happy: The one about the tub.

Tubs are a wonderful part of most homes.  They can be a beautiful combination of utility and mood enhancing relaxation spaces   Insert a little design into the mix and they can turn any bathroom into a private spa like retreat.

As much as I like to ramble pointlessly at times, the above rumination is actually relevent.  I promise.

This past week, after a couple months of planning that followed years of day dreaming, I had our bathroom torn out.   I had found mould and frankly everything was in need of updating anyway so this was a good time to do it.  Now I actually enjoy construction, but my husband… well he only likes the after effects.   So I had the guys come in on Tuesday and by Friday at lunch they were gone.

You might be asking what I could have possibly gotten done in 2.5 days.  Well let me tell you.  🙂   (If you weren’t asking…. sorry.  You can skip the next paragraph).

I got a new sink and counter, new flooring, and repaired wall board (I’ll be painting the room this coming week).  However the most important part of the construction: the tub and shower enclosure were ripped out and replaced with a soaker tub and a pure white argyle tile (!!!).  I love my new tub…. I was so happy when it got put in that I immediately jumped in, disregarding the wall board dust and still wearing my dress / work clothes.

What’s this? Oh it’s just my feet. My new tub is officially 2 me-feet deep!

Our old tub was shallow and unfortunately the cause of the mould problems.   This new tub is deep, very deep and mould free.   Did I mention that it is deep?   I’m very excited about this fact.   My bathroom now has a relaxation enabling tub, one that is surrounded by crisp white and a light soft blue…   and this makes me very happy.



One thought on “Special Edition Things That Make Me Happy: The one about the tub.

  1. This is really nice, not just the tub and pedicure, but the blog concept!
    I love the “happy” lists 🙂

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