Things That Make Me Happy – July 21, 2012

1) Weekend morning soy lattes.   I make one (or two) every morning, but Weekend ones are the best because I can enjoy them on my couch.

2) Spending a full day with my husband.   Life has gotten a little too busy lately, so this is a lovely treat.

3) The Tall Ships Festival.   Our ‘front yard’ is teeming with people having fun.  There are kids playing with toy swords and jumping on bouncy castles, buskers, food vendors, historic re-enactors, boats everywhere.   The combination of these things is wonderful and makes me very happy just to be among them.

4) Movie night on the boardwalk.  Last night we took our folding chairs down in front of the Nova Scotia Power Building and watched an outdoor screening of Pirates of the Caribbean under the stars.  There were tall ships next to us and actors dressed as pirate swaggering around.  It was great!

5) Fireworks.   I love fireworks.   I don’t know why but they fill me with glee every time.   Lucky for me they are firing them off every night of the tall ships festival and I can watch from our door.

6) Summer.   Warm weather (but not oppressively hot), clear skies, ice cream and beaches.   Nova Scotia summers are great!


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