The one in which I explain my neurosis with cameras – and say Hi again

Apparently it has been months since I last actually posted anything here.   There really is no good reason for neglecting my little repository of happiness here other than I was having fun and keeping busy.I’ve often thought about putting something up, but never did. My rational for not posting may not make much sense to everyone, but it was a conscious decision to let the time pass undocumented.

There is an fragment from a class I once took on “the history of philosophy of photography” that still haunts me to this day and played a large part in this decision.  By the act of standing back behind a lens with which I then attempt to frame the scene I was a part of only a moment ago, can I truly claim to have experienced that moment?  Or am I now only going to be able to remember imposing my view of what was happening on the remaining participants?   This tidbit is one of the reasons that I still very rarely take pictures of any people.  If people are around I wish to be with them, not viewing them.   Objects apparently fall outside this category and fall into the realms of art or documentation for me, but every time I pick up a camera I am still very much cognizant of the fact that I am superimposing my view on the subject matter with every image that I produce.  Thus the bad and irregular photography shown here in the past.  I like the quick and dirty version when I do it myself.

However, that particular philosophical gem has always struck a chord with me and has impacted how I have handled many situations, like this past summer when I made the decision not to blog every time the I thought that I should.   This doesn’t mean I have forgotten to pause for a moment and smile, or to try something new without hesitation.  Misha has been a very active force in my life this summer and for that I am grateful.   It simply means that I wanted to live every moment of my summer in and not try to chop it up into blog sized bits.

As the summer has wound down and fall starts to come back I am finding more time to sit back and, importantly, the urge to reflect on and share nuggets of joy.  The darker days and cooler temperatures always make me want to snuggle up on the couch and draw into myself a bit more than I should.  So I hope that you will stick with me while I continue to try to capture Misha’s essence in the coming seasons when I traditionally find this task much harder.


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