Things that make me happy – Christmas 2012

Happy Holidays everyone!   I hope that you have had a lovely holiday season filled with good friends and food.

This was our first Christmas in Halifax, thankfully deciding months before the house purchase and subsequent move that we were going to stay put.  With the great adventure that is buying the house and doing renovations while living in it, I am so glad that we are not adding traveling to the schedule right now.   It has been a good week so far and I am feeling particularly happy today so I thought I would share a few of the reasons for that with you.  So the holiday season’s “things that make me happy” are as follows:

1) Our new historic townhouse!   We bought, started renovations and moved into our new place all within the last 5 weeks.  So it has been a little maddening but well worth it.

2) Having my sister come spend the holidays with us.

3) Our new cat, Dizzy.  He’s a young British Short hair (probably) that we got a week ago from the SPCA and seems to be fitting in perfectly.

4) Our old cat, Squishy.   He’s not freaking out too badly about the move and the new cat, and for that I am very grateful.

5) Good food.   Ah I love the holidays!

6) Walking to work.   While my commute has multiplied by a factor of 6.8 I can still walk to work inside of 20 minutes and that I am very grateful for.   I like living downtown and now I can see more of the downtown area as I walk through it twice a day.

7) Free ice skating on the commons.   The Emera oval has been open for 2 days already and I haven’t been yet.    This error will be remedied this afternoon when my sister and I go right after I finish at work.   I am quite excited!   We now live 2 short blocks away from the oval and I intend on using it often this winter.


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