An End.

Traditionally the early part of January is all about fresh new beginnings and while there are a lot of those, I am feeling rather reflective today about the ends of things.   After all, beginnings can only happen when something else ends.

Things have been pretty sparse around Finding Misha for a while, and that is not due to any release on my goal to find the joy in everyday life.   Rather the lack of activity here has everything to do with the massive amounts of activity in the rest of my life.    You see, this fall my wonderful husband and I saw a historic townhouse and decided to buy, move into and then immediately renovate the sucker on a whim.   Oh and I had the joy of traveling to Hong Kong for my  high school best friend’s wedding to her high school sweetheart right in the middle of the house deal.    (Yep… my husband gets major points for putting up with me pulling that one).

So while everything has been very exciting and moving at full bore ahead in my life I haven’t had a chance to look back at what I am leaving behind.  Yesterday while I was taking a few advertising pictures of my empty apartment, looking cleaner than I had ever seen it , I started getting reflective.   I lived there with my husband for the last six and half years and they were good years.   When I moved in we had only been together a year a half while we were pretty sure we were going to be together for a long time, but it was a huge leap when he decided to to follow me out east for architecture school.

As it turned out Halifax has been wonderful to us.   Our careers have been developed and mentored here.  We have made great friends and we constantly are finding new things to love about our adopted hometown.   Throughout it all though, we always remarked on how blessed we were to live in such a lovely apartment, right down by the water and within walking distance to almost everything.   I loved seeing the sunrise over the harbour every morning as I left for work and had made a photographic project out of cataloging the different moods of the water and sky as seen from the boardwalk.   The spirit of life in downtown Halifax has its ebbs and flows, quiet winter days and busy cruise ship fueled festivals in the summer.  By walking out our front door we were immediately part of it, and I loved that.    We talked endlessly about how when we had to leave our one bedroom apartment, we would probably have to buy off peninsula due to cost and would loose that access to downtown.   So we devised plans to find ways to come back to downtown if we ever had to leave, mostly by renting apartments for the future family during the festivals so that our children could experience this way of life we so enjoy.

I am thrilled to report that we won’t have to rent those apartments for festivals after all.   This is not my swan song to downtown living.   Rather, we are just going to experience this wonderful city from the other side of the citadel.   My walk to work has grown to 15-20 minutes, and I’m still getting used to that, but otherwise we are still in just as convenient a location and I still can’t believe it.

Overall what we have gained far exceeds what we lost in this case, and the beginnings are bright and exciting.  However, the end of our life in our little condo is still a little sad.   It was the first place I could call mine.   It is where I came home to relax after stressful days.   I sat by the big windows overlooking our quiet garden courtyard and felt peace.   We hosted dinner parties and board game nights there that helped cement new friendships.  It is the place we got engaged on the night of our fifth anniversary and where we came home to after the wedding and honeymoon.   I also only just got the bathroom I had dreamed about for years.  Our condo buffered us from the world at the same time that it gave us the ease to explore the world from its convenient location.

I am beyond excited to continue work on the town house and make it into our family home, but I do need to take a moment and say goodbye.    We built our life together there and for that I am sad to leave.   It was lovely.


Goodbye quiet urban oasis.   Also goodbye crazy bird lady on the 6th floor.  I won’t miss you or the evil flock of overfed birds you cultivate in this otherwise tranquil space. 


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