Time keeps moving forward

The one guarantee of this life is that time keeps moving forward.

My life has been so full for the past several months that I see to be constantly remarking about the passage of time.  Weeks slip though my fingers in a flurry of activity interspersed with a few necessary stolen moments of quiet.

The list of things I have crossed off my to-do list since we bought this house has been impressive and long.   I know that.  However, I can’t help but feel like the list of things that are outstanding which need to be done also continues to grow at a pace that outstrips that of my accomplishments   It does appears to be a never ending list most of the time.   However, the times when I do take a step back and enjoy the fruits of my labour have become some of  my happiest.

After working on (and living without) my kitchen for 3.5 months, sitting with a mug of tea at my kitchen table with a friend for the first time was wonderful.   This event was swiftly followed by our first diner party, which then morphed into our first late night kitchen party.  The kitchen design worked just as I had hoped, with everyone comfortable and together, and the cooking and cleaning was unimpeded by seven (!) people all gathered around the table smack in the middle of the room.   We made room for all our friends to gather in the kitchen and still have space to cook and move around (pictures will be come soon).   We have created a dining room / kitchen that will make every dinner party we ever host into a kitchen party, and that makes me so happy!

Of course I would love it if my house was perfect and clean right now, but that is not going to happen.   So I will continue to latch onto the stolen moments of glee that come every time I do get one more item crossed off that to-do list and try to take the all the new tasks that get added to the list in stride.   After all, there is always tomorrow and it will be here sooner than we expect.

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