Birthday Revelations

A few days ago I celebrated my 28th Birthday.



It was a perfectly fine day with work in the morning and a nice meal out with my lovely husband in the evening.   However, there was one difference from a typical day with a nice meal out with my lovely husband.   The difference was that I woke up that morning filled with an intense desire to make some changes.


I started this blog over a year and a half ago with the desire to reclaim my inner child.   That desire still holds true, but I have sadly neglected this little corner of the internet for several months now.   Why?   Well, I let grown up life get in the way.   There has been the near constant work on the house, and work got busy, I stole moments for myself and then had to get back to doing something else grown up.  There was no time to sit down and comment on them.


Can you spot the recurring theme of the above excuses?   I can.  (Hint: it is that I have been “too busy”).


This, however, is a lie.


I am not too busy.   I have found time for everything else.   I have simply chosen to adopt that mantle and walk through life with the “Woe is me.  Look at everything I have to do” mentality of someone who is in reality simply self absorbed and not taking enough presence of mind to appreciate what is going on around them.    What I should have been saying instead is “Wow!  Look at all the amazing things I have gotten to do!   Would you like to come do something with me?     A frantic trudge can easily become  an excited skip depending on the mindset of the person doing the act.   I have been choosing the wrong mindset, something that this blog was set up to prevent.


So I woke up on my birthday with the realization of my fall from childlike glee, and with that realization came the determination to change my mindset and certain actions in a re-commitment of sorts.    It also occurred to me that I have 2 years left before the major milestone of turning 30, and that this provides a wonderful, defined, pocket of time within to work and be able to monitor my progress.


This is not a great meltdown about getting older (Sorry if you were hoping for one!), it is instead a exclamation of joy caused by thinking about all the things I want to, and will, do in the next two years.   I even made a list.


Everyone loves lists, right?   No?   Just me?   Okay then.


I started off by boldly naming my list “30 Things to Do before I turn 30”.  However, as I went about filling in those spots I realized that I have some REALLY big goals for the next two years and putting more trivial goals on that same list felt like they would detract from the big guys.   So I stopped at #14.   My (very) slight OCD tendencies are sad that this is not a number sharing any common denominators other than 1 and 2 with 30, or having any other poetical mathematical relationship for that matter, but it is half of 28 so I’ll take it and pretend that I meant to that all along.


The typical thing to do here would be to post that list now for everyone to read, right?  Unfortunately I am not going to do that.   Some of those things involve other people who may not know I do this blogging thing from time to time, so off of the interwebs those will stay.


What about the others you ask?   What about the other more personal goals of mine?


All my goals can all be summed up by saying that I have been putting things off and I intend to stop that.   I want to approach each day with a joy of anticipation of the achievements that will come that day.   Those achievements can be as large as finally getting my Architectural License or they can be as regular as getting a great workout in that day.   I know what I want out of the next two years and now I intend to make it all come true.


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