An End.

Traditionally the early part of January is all about fresh new beginnings and while there are a lot of those, I am feeling rather reflective today about the ends of things.   After all, beginnings can only happen when something else ends. Things have been pretty sparse around Finding Misha for a while, and that is … Continue reading

Things that make me happy – Christmas 2012

Happy Holidays everyone!   I hope that you have had a lovely holiday season filled with good friends and food. This was our first Christmas in Halifax, thankfully deciding months before the house purchase and subsequent move that we were going to stay put.  With the great adventure that is buying the house and doing … Continue reading

A Challenge!

I am a competitive person.   It is true.   I admit it. I believe it all began with toddler Misha.  One day while watching her older brother do something that she probably could not master yet due to a sheer lack of motor skills and then subsequently felt left out.   I like to believe that Misha … Continue reading