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I’ve been busy!

I’ve been busy!

It has been a little while since I last took a breath to write a post about all the fun things I have been doing.  I will catch up on most of those items later on, but there is one thing I really want to share today: the Tree of Life blanket.   It has been … Continue reading

Things that make me happy – March 29, 2012

1) New yarn!   Yesterday an invisible force field sucked me into the loop while I was out for “recess”.   I didn’t have much of anything in mind… and I almost made it out without purchasing anything… but then I found this amazing hand painted Misti Alpaca lace weight yarn in “Blues in the Night”  on … Continue reading

Baby Blanket

This post is a little behind schedule.  I had intended to write this one up on the weekend, and well I did.  Then something happened when I went to publish it and everything disappeared.   Of course.  So I stalled a few days in a fit of “well if the computer doesn’t want to post my … Continue reading