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A Challenge!

I am a competitive person.   It is true.   I admit it. I believe it all began with toddler Misha.  One day while watching her older brother do something that she probably could not master yet due to a sheer lack of motor skills and then subsequently felt left out.   I like to believe that Misha … Continue reading

And it is snowing again

Today started with snow flurries.  It warmed up.  The sun came out.   It looked so lovely from my window at work. I wanted to go run away and play outside.  But then evil grown up me rationalized that if I stayed put and worked a bit harder right now, I could go play outside … Continue reading

New Year, New Me

How often is that saying repeated?  I seem to hear it all the time and still I never really know what anyone is talking about.   It could me in reference to a drastic weight loss plan, a new outlook on life, or a career change for all I know. In my case, I am using … Continue reading